Action Coalition 6: Feminist Movements and Leadership

Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights (Meghan Doherty), Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women (Jackie Neapole), CanWaCH (Aminata Wurie), Council of Canadians with Disabilities (Jewelles Smith), Ending Violence Association of Canada (Erin Whitmore), Global Women in STEM (Anja Lanz, Damineh Akhavan), Les Femmes Michif Otipemisiwak/Women of the Métis Nation (Tamsin Fitzgerald), and the National Association of Women and the Law (Sandeep Prasad).

This infosheet Action Coalition 6: Feminist Movements and Leadership draws from the expertise of advocates from leading civil society organizations working in the feminist and women’s rights movements in Canada.

This infosheet was created by a Beijing+25 Network Working Group between March 2021- October 2021. This infosheet is based on actions developed at the UN Generation Equality Forums in 2021 and highlights key actions for the Canadian context.

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